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Page last updated: October 15, 12:05PM

Congratulations to the officers elected at the October 2015 business meeting. They will serve a term of two years, until October of 2017.
From left to right, Chairman Mike Pablo, Vice Chair Kim Moore, Secretary Kaitlyn Likas, and Treasurer Tim Collins

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Mike Pablo, Chairman

Kim Moore, Vice Chair

Kaitlyn Likas, Secretary

Tim Collins, Treasurer

Pat Troy, Chairman Emeritus

Committee Heads

John Bryk, Parade Captain

Kim Moore, Lead Marshal

Kaitlyn Likas, Assistant Lead Marshal

Harold Sinnett, Grand Marshal Dinner and Quartermaster

Tom Connors, Car Show

Shannon Paciorek, Fun Dog Show

Leslie Hutcheson, Press Coordinator

Danny Sheehan, Awards

Kimberlee Bryce, Parade Magazine Designer

Mike Pablo, Webmaster


Joan Baker

John Boseker

Gene Bransfield

Rebekah Bryk

Tina Collins

Erin Connors

Sue Degnan

Ben Fiore-Walker

Greg Granahan

Kimberley Granahan

Maggie Hayes

Ginny Kelly

J.J. Kelly

Kirstin Knott

Jessica Likas

Pam McGinty

Tasha Pablo

Bonnie Regan

Rick Regan

Patrick Sims

Nancy & Tom Van Coverden

Bob & Pat Whitman

Rebecca Zwisler


Jim Griffin, Member Emeritus


Doug Thurman, Member Emeritus


Greg Meadows, Member Emeritus